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Brick Cottage Quilts

"I wasn't born quilting...

...but I got here as soon as I retired!"


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A brick cottage built in 1939 by her grandfather is where Wilma and husband, Floyd, have made their home for the past 37 years. Her mother, grandmothers and great-grandmothers were all quilters and she is caretaker of some of their quilts. Also included in her collection of cherished quilts are ones her husband's mother, grandmother and great-grandmother made. Now, her daughter and daughter-in-law are also learning to quilt. The tradition goes on!

As for Wilma, she began sewing at an early age, under her mother's and grandmother's supervision, studied sewing in High School, and made many garments for herself and children when they were young, but she only began quilting about 6 years ago -

"I wasn't born quilting, but I got here as soon as I retired!"

A recent newspaper article in our local paper: